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03.04.11 | 3 Comments

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Beth Burns is the sort of person who is better than you at everything but doesn’t get all showy about it, and that allows you to retain your  dignity. Beth-Burns2 Altogether a nice sort of person to be around. She doesn’t lord her award nominations over you, or her wins, or that she can beat you in arm wrestling

Beth Burns is the artistic director of The Hidden Room, by her phrasing a “theatrical curiosity shop” focused on audience experience. And honestly, she’s very good at it. That skill actually is the prism that makes her current project truly fascinating.

You Wouldn’t Know Her, She Lives in London / You Wouldn’t Know Him, He Lives in Texas opens on Saturday, March 5th and takes place in Austin and London simultaneously via Skype video chat and will also be streamed live to the internet so you can join in. Working with producing partner Look Left, Look Right Productions in the UK and hosted in London by Roundhouse this look at long distance (and cross cultural) relationships this show should have something that interests you whether you get to be in the room on either continent or only join in on the stream.

The Hidden Room | Roundhouse’s Show Page

Roundhouse’s Live Stream Page

The lovers on Facebook:
Ryan Peterson | Elizabeth Watson

Follow the hashtag on Twitter: #TexasLondon

The show runs March 5 & 6 + 12 & 13, 2011, at 8 pm GMT, 2 pm CST.

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Travis Bedard

Travis Bedard

A long time theatre blogger, Travis is the Artistic Director of Cambiare Productions and a contributing writer to 2amTheatre.com. Travis holds a degree in Theatre (Secondary Education) from the University of New Hampshire and is currently posted in scenic St. Paul Minnesota..
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  • Saw all of the performance on Saturday the 5th then tuned back in for the last 20 minutes from a bar on my phone watching with my girlfriend one earbud each. This is definitely theatre made and delivered in an intriguing way. Strongly recommend catching one of the performances next weekend.

  • Love the idea of a “theatrical curiosity shop.” Love that hearty laugh Bedard!

  • This was tons of fun. Thanks for chatting with me, Travis. Quick side note for any of your 2am posse: this coming Saturday and Sunday are our last shows for a while. Saturday is at 2pm Austin time, Sunday is at 3pm Austin time.

    US Daylight Savings kicks in a week before the Brits get their own time change on. Ah, the perils of international collaboration…

    Hope to get more of the 2am-ers watching online. We get such thoughtful and fun Tweets from them during the show!