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The production team that produced Better Left Unsaid TV – the first of its kind interactive, live streamed video-play, is seeking script submissions for our next live streamed production.

Full length video-play* with strong female characters.  (Virtual Ovation TV is committed to moving forward in our work as both actors and producer/directors)

Controversial language, sexuality, violence etc are all perfectly groovy.

Thematically a  strong social issue is a plus, but not required.

We are seeking  video-plays which are reasonably accessible to a broad demographic. As we build an audience for this new medium it is our instinct to present work that veers more towards the linear rather than the experimental.  While we will be thrilled to consider any script you submit, please know that as we launch our production company we are focused first on building a viable business model so that later, with our financial foundation firmly in place, we will have the freedom to produce live streaming video-plays that reflect all genres and tastes of theater**.

Better Left Unsaid was produced with an all volunteer production team and donated equipment (the cast was paid per an AFTRA Experimental New Media Contract).  However we are seeking a viable budget for our next production via sponsorships. Identifying our next video-play is step one in our fund raising process.

Please send submissions to submissions@virtualovation.tv.  Please include a short synopsis and a cast breakdown as well as a production history, if applicable.

*don’t let the word video-play scare you. For questions about how a video-play differs from a regular play just a shoot kathryn an email. Please include your phone number.

**We are using the word theater by default.  What we are really creating is an entirely new storytelling model, one that feels just like theater to an in-house audience, but in turn feels like interactive online video to a live streaming audience.  The best term we have been able to come up with is a  MCLSNV (Multi-Camera Live Streaming Narrative Video)  umm…  yeah……

About Virtual Ovation TV:
Virtual Ovation TV is taking one of the world’s most primal and universal forms of storytelling and translating it into the most modern of mediums. By combining Theater, Live Streaming and Social Media, Virtual Ovation TV is turning the performing arts into an interactive global experience. We are creating work that is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world who has access to the internet and enabling artists to build relationships with audiences that transcend geographical boundaries.

With each new project Virtual Ovation TV is committed to creating two very different, but simultaneous experiences: a vibrant traditional theater experience for our in-house audience, and a visually compelling, intimate and authentic video experience for our online viewers.

About Better Left Unsaid TV:

Better Left Unsaid was the first of it’s kind, interactive, live streamed video-play.  Staged in New York City in front of a live New York audience, Better Left Unsaid was simultaneously shot with four cameras, mixed in real time and streamed live to the internet so that anyone, anywhere in the world with a computer could watch the show and interact with it via facebook and twitter.  The final three performances of Better Left Unsaid were watched by over 50,000 unique viewers and received virtual standing ovations from around the US and the world.


(Thanks to 2amtheatre for allowing us to post this announcement on their site first.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to reach out to this theater community that is as excited about technology and the promise it holds for the future of American theater as we are. Thanks guys!)

Please feel free to forward this post. And to stay in touch with Virtual Ovation as we move towards our next live streamed project, sign up for our mailing list at Virtual Ovation TV.

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Kathryn Velvel Jones

Kathryn is a pioneer in the filed of live streaming narrative videos.She conceived of produced and appeared in "Better Left Unsaid TV", the first of its kind live streamed play, as well as "35" the first scripted web drama to stream live. She has hosted a variety of web series and served as Vice-President of Branded Entertainment for an online video studio.

Recently Kathryn has beenseen in White Bird Production’s “Born of Conviction” at the Irondale Theater. Other theaters she has worked at include George St. Playhouse, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Actor’s Theater of Louisville, Pennsylvania Center Stage, Mill Mountain Theater, Center Stage NY, Theater Row Theater, Gateway Playhouse, The Blue Heron, HERE, American Globe Theater, and Show World as well as various arts festivals in the US and abroad.

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